Oregon Child Support Guidelines Calculator

All figures are monthly except as noted.
General Information
Enter the parents' names and select relationship. If the child is with a caretaker, enter caretaker's name and select caretaker. more
If the child is in state care, select state. more
Select the children who will be included in this calculation. more   

Enter each parent's gross monthly income. more
Enter the amount of spousal support owed to each parent by anyonemore
Enter the amount of spousal support each parent owes to anyone. more
Enter each parent's union dues. more

Enter the first names of the joint minor children. more Include 18-year-old children attending school who are in high school and living with a parent. Enter the average annual overnights the minor children are with each parent. For help to calculate the average overnights, see the Parenting Time Calculator  more
Child's Name Overnights with
Overnights with
 Child's NameOvernights With Parent AOvernights With Parent BRemaining Overnights
Enter child care costs paid by the parent or caretaker for the joint minor children who are under 13 or disabled. Click more to view maximum allowed amounts. more

Enter the amount of a disabled or retired parent's Social Security or veterans' benefit paid to a child (or on a child's behalf) in the disabled or retired parent's column. more

Select the number of non-joint children for each parent. more  

Health Care Coverage
Enter the cost the parent pays for their own health care coverage. If not available, enter $0. more
Does the parent have health care coverage available for the joint children? more
Enter the parent's out-of-pocket cost to enroll the joint children. more
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Published Date: 07/02/2018